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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 18, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> we begin tonight with breaking news out of san jose. where police are now investigating an officer involved shooting. kron 4's grant lodes is live in our newsroom with what we know. grant?
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>> the officer involved shooting happened near mt. shasta and mt. vista drives. that's just south of mt. pleasant park and mt. pleasant elementary school in east san jose. the shooting was reported at 6:43 tonight. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. no word on any officers or citizens. we have a crew on the way, and will bring you updates on this officer involved shooting as soon as we learn new information. there's rain headed to the bay area. this is a live look from mount tam. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline bennett. so -- when is the next wave of wet weather. >> jacqueline: we applaud the a cloud coverage and returns on the radar. we do
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have that cloud coverage. >> catherine: new at eight: >> step out of the car busted for beer. california cracks down on teenage drinking. do you know why we are stopping you. >> uh yes.
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kron four is there as the adults who buy alcohol for minors learn the high cost of a six=pack of beer. a state-wide crackdown has landed a lot of people in trouble with the law. a record 475 arrests were made in the sting. known as "operation shoulder tap". stanley roberts has an inside look at the undercover operation. in this kron 4 exclusive. >> this man >> this man >> this man they all have on thing in common. in fact more than 400 people have the same thing in common local police and state agencys participated in a statewide effort to curb underage drinking called operation shoulder tap tonight at 8 i'll we'll ride along with police and give you an exclusive look at why you might thibefore buyie alcohol in the next edition of people behaving badly
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and here are a look at the numbers. a record 475 arrests were made statewide. right now you are going to get the citation in and talk to the judge. >> part of the reason why we do these operations is to educate the public. the police issue the man 8 ticket. >> you are being cited for
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furnishing alcohol to a minor. another boost tonight
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for backers of same sex marriage. former secretary of state hillary clinton is the latest high profile figure to come out in support of same sex marriage.. kron 4's dan kerman is here to tell us what she had to say, and if it will have any impact on the u.s. supreme court. former secretary of state hillary clinton joined an ever increasing list of politicians to come out in support of same sex marriage. >> "lgbt americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship, that includes marriage. that's why i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law, embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for lgbt americans and for all americans." clinton joins her husband, former president bill clinton, president obama, and host of conservatives who also previously opposed same sex marriage and now support it public opinion
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has also turned in favor, but the question remains, what if any impact will this have on the u.s. supreme court
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a new national poll shows support for same sex marriage is at an all-time high. in the last 10 years, public opinion has undergone a reversal. in 2003, more than half of all americans wanted to outlaw same sex marriage. now nearly 60 percent want to legalize it. the poll was conducted by langer research for abc news and the washington post. if you ride bart during the heavy commute- you may have noticed some changes today. all this week. bikers will be allowed on board during peak commute hours in the
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morning and at night. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on the week long test program. new tonight at 8-- bart might be considering extending its service north into the east bay... possibly as far as hercules.
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kron 4's charles clifford has details and shows us where the new train routes could run. district 7 bart board member zakhary mallet is floating the idea of building new bart lines north from the city of richmond as a way to relieve chronic traffic congestion along interstate 80. let's take a look at a google earth map of the area. right now the richmond station, which is here in the middle of the city, is the northern most stop on the richmond-fremont bart line. the idea would be to extend
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that line to the north parrell to the path of nearby interstate 80. along that route, new bart stations could be added in san pablo here near the richmond hilltop shopping centers... further north in pinole... and there could even be service all the way to hercules... if not further... now, none of this is even close to being a done deal. i spoke with a bart spokeperson today who said that this is just one of many ideas and projects the transit agency is considering. there are no artist renderings, no engineering plans... at this point this is only an idea. it's not,
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however, a new idea, this has been explored before but never followed through on. if the bart board does decide to finally move forward with extending service to the north it would be a long, long process. the transit agency would have to secure funding, acquire land to build the new rail lines and stations, engineer and design the extension and then the project would have to survice years worth of studies and environmental reviews before construction could begin in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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a prominent south bay politician pleaded guilty to more than a dozen criminal counts today. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa jr. pleaded guilty to 13 felony and misdemeanors.
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he'd been accused of misusing public money campaign contributions. he's accused of using his county-issued credit card and a secret slush fund from his campaign to finance a gambling habit. in exchange for the guilty plea -- he will 'not' be sentenced to prison time --- but he is being sentenced to a year in jail. ahead at eight. pinole police hunt for a man they say tried to kidnap a girl as she walked home from in santa rosa tonight. a growing memorial for a 14- year old car racing fan. he was one of two people killed at a yuba city racetrack saturday night. adding to the tragedy, the driver of the car that lost control and hit the victims was driven by the boys' cousin. the driver was not hurt.. the family says that the driver. a 17-year old petaluma high school student. was like a brother to the victim. they say he feels terrible about what happened, and has told family members he's finished with racing. pinole police want you to take a close look at this sketch. they say a man resembling this sketch - tried to kidnap a 12-year old girl recently as she was walking home from school. he's described as a white -- 19 to 20, thin build, slicked back short hair, brown goatee and a piercing
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in one of his eyebrows. people in the area are now spreading the try to keep their children safe. more fall-out from that ohio rape case that's become a national story. just today.two girls were arrested.accused of making violent threats agains the rape suspect on social media. ohio's attorney general said today the girls arrested threatened the teenage victim on facebook and threatened to murder the victim.the other said she would beat her up. the verdict in the rape case was handed down yesterday.two stubenville high school football stars found guilty of raping a girl in august. a judge sentenced the players to at least one year in juvenile prison. a grand jury will now determine whether other people - students, parents, coaches - broke the law by not speaking up about the incident last summer. meanwhile, one of the largest universities in the country.shut down today.after police say a student started a plan to shoot students as they
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exited a dormatory. we have details on the one death that did take place.the guns and home-made bombs found.and how the suspect's roomate may have saved dozens of lives. that story in 20 minutes. the >> jacqueline: there are a couple of systems that are impacting the northwest. it will not be as intense we can see the rainfall towards the evening hours. hyping that it will start beyond 10 and towards wednesday morning. keeping your eye up here. that 10:00 hour it is sliding put fairly unorga
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nized. we will continue with the spotty showers. through wednesday evening. and on going. it will tabtaper off and what we can expect. it will mainly be through the morning. one-half inch with one exception. as we go towards the evening we will start to see some showers we do have that main band and cold front. as for the sierras. above 7,000 ft..
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here's what we can expect. the late rain the snowfall only at higher elevations. 6,800 ft.. for the weekend. mainly on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, dry and warmer weather. >> there is an interesting home on the market. went on strike was from 1996 an interesting home is on the market in the south bay. it's steve wozniak's house -- which is in los gatos. it was designed and built for the apple co-founder in 1986. the architecture of the property reflects the apple design.
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the asking price -- a little over four- million-dollars. the 7-thousand-500 square foot home has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. san jose is getting ready for the big dance. h-p pavilion is getting ready to host some of the games in the n-c-a-a basketball tournament.which starts this week. san jose will host a bay area team --- with cal taking on u-n-l-v. h-p pavilion hosted the tournament 3 years ago. gary will have more details.coming up in sports. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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gabe slate tech report >> the much-anticipated new black very smart phone. blackberry -- it is the first black gary to use the new operating system. >> black.barry 10 points of the major differences. >> there are no physical or navigation buttons. it is all done with gestures. when you are on the browser you can just pick up. this will
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also allow navigation back to my previous used applications. >> you can adjust this to find the best and isolate that is on there. the one with the best lighting will give you a recommendation. and it just like that. >> another cool feature is the blackbarry share feature... you are going to love this. ? if you or
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someone that is already perhaps using in android it might be a difficult transition. they might tap some difficulty but anything is possible.
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>> one of the nation's largest universities with guns and ammunition found. andand: new california employment numbers show that california is tied for the worst in the nation. details after the break. >> jacqueline: time out there rain on futurecast, coming
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. california is cracking down on underage drinking. by targeting the people who buy liquor for minors. more than 400 people have been caught in the sting - called "operation shoulder tap." >> pinole police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a 12-year old girl as she was walking home from school. he's described as white -- 19 to 20, thin build, slicked back short hair, brown goatee and a piercing in one eyebrow. a new pilot program kicked off today. allowing bikes on bart at peak commute times. the weeklong test program allows riders to bring their bikes on any time of the day. bart will decide later whether to make the change permanent. >> new job figures from washington, the first state by state rundown of the year. the long suffering construction industry is showing signs of renewal. but california now has the country's highest unemployment rate.
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for the past three months, california's unemployment rate has been stuck at nine=point=eight percent. the federal bureau of labor statistics says that's nearly two points above the national average of seven point nine percent. but over the last year, california has added more than a quarter=million jobs. that's more than any other state. except texas. now let's drill down to the construction industry. nationally, employment in that sector increased by 28=thousand. one quarter of that total was in california. and thesee numbers are from january, not the busiest time of the year for contractors. economists say there is a direct correlation to the real estate market. there are not enough homes on the market now to meet the demand. as prices rise, home builders have started to
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ramp up new construction. housing starts still are well below what they were before the financial crisis, but they are higher than they've been in four years. more hammers and more saws equal more jobs. only one other job category grew faster than construction in california: the leisure and hospitality sector grew by 8=thousand jobs. that includes everything from hollywood movie stars to restaurant busboys. >> jacqueline: the satellite and radar showing the dry conditions. here is one system and here is another toward the northwest. we will see a significant amount of rainfall. eaton a bit breezy but the increasing clouds. this will start tomorrow and we will
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see most of that rainfall for wednesday. timing it out on futurecast. business out of oakland these kids." off the coast of dana
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point. meanwhile, one of the largest universities in the country.shut down today.after police say a student started a plan to shoot students as they exited a dormatory. we have details on the one death that did take place.the guns and home-made bombs found.and how the suspect's roomate may have
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vandals hit an east bay business district over the weekend. damaging the locks of nearly a dozen small shops. one business owner gives haaziq madyun a close look at the a story you'll >> "you can see the glue right there in the lock" vandals targeting oakland businesses here downtown on 17th streetusing glue damaging the locks of multiple shops in this area >> "they sprayed the lock here" the president of the south of broadway business associationel tyna mccree gave me a tour of the shops that were targeted >> "this one was donenobody can get in upstairs" mcree says this latest gluing incident continues an ongoing string of vandalism of tells me she is considering relocating her business out of oakland
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>> "that is right and i oakland is my home, i want mcree says merchants here have no idea who is targeting themthey just want it to stop >> "it just continues to go and on" on 17th street in oakland, haaziq madyun-kron 4news more bay area news -- coming this august - bay area commuters will have another option to get around. system. the bay area air quality management district is rolling out a seven- million dollar pilot program. it will link san francisco to san jose. people will be able to buy passes = providing access to 700 bikes. at 70 kiosks - near bus and train stations. pricing. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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on wall street. a look at the closing numbers. also - from diamond- encrusted headlights to gold stitching in the seats. a look at this luxury sports car about to go on the now for today's market update. stocks fell for the 2nd straight trading day. worries about a controversial bailout -- and a bank tax in cyprus kept investors on edge. here are today's closing numbers. the dow fell 62 points. the nasdaq dropped 11 points. and the s-and-p fell eight points. the vatican has released details of the pope's installation mass tomorrow.. it will be a simpler version of the 2005 ceremony for pope benedict. more than 132 government delegations will attend. including representatives of christian, jewish, muslim and other faiths. the mass will be at saint peter's square. and is expected to last about two hours. before the ceremony, pope francis will receive the fisherman's ring. made of silver and gold with the
8:42 pm
image of saint peter. we'll carry the pope's installation mass live -- at one-30 a-m on our 24- seven bay area news channel, comcast 193. or you can watch it streaming online at first soda -- now cigarettes. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is targeting tobacco sales. he wants to require stores to keep tobacco products out of sight unless an adult is buying something.or employees are restocking. the goal is to crack down on young people smoking. the proposal would also ban selling tobacco products at a discount. there would also be tougher penalties.. >> "what we're trying to do is continue the record reduction in smoking. in new york city we brought smoking among teenagers down from 18-percent to 8- percent, but the bad news is for the last three years it's sort of stagnated at that level. and smoking is going to kill these kids."
8:43 pm
>> a bill is expected to be introduced to the city council wednesday. bloomberg's latest health initiative comes a week after a judge invalidated his ban on sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. take a look at this--from diamond encrusted head lights to gold stitching in the seats , this car is worth 3-point-4 million dollars, the lycan will be the first manufactured arabian sports car and only seven cars will be available for purchase. the carmaker says the lycan is going to be in full production from the united arab emirates by the end of 2014.and they expect it to sell in a blink of an eye. it's one of the fastest cars in the world traveling up to a maximum speed of 245 miles per hour. it also has the first holographic display with interactive motion inside-- making it the only car in the world that has this technology. "nats of whale"
8:44 pm
and talk about a close encounter. watch as these gray whales greet boaters off the coast of southern california. the adult whales - about 50 feet long - came right up to the 15-foot fishing boat. off the coast of dana point. even rubbing against the engine. this video was shot by a whale watching tour group sunday. they say the whales displayed this friendly behavior throughout the day.
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>> jacqueline: if in brazil. two daring men in special wing suits plunged over rio de janeiro. they timed it to thread the needle between two tall buildings. people cheered after they landed safely - >> jacqueline: we are seeing
8:48 pm
some sub-tropical moisture. but largely under one-half inch. with futurecast i think largely we could see that around 10:00 a.m. we could see some fragmented details but areas of more moderate rainfall by guion. to the south bay. and the showers will continue. as for rainfall totals? we will see under one-half inch with a couple of exceptions and the north bay hills. 1 in. of rain fall. and perhaps
8:49 pm
more than 1 in.. as we look towards the south bay. the santa cruz mountains. and temperatures are not going to be that chilly. 60s for the in the valleys. the cold front. will not be pushing through however, as for snowfall? we are not going to see much. midnight, some areas but 7,000 ft.. most of that rainfall will continue by 4:00 a.m. and especially evident at 10:00 a.m. here is a look at the sierras. late evening green and most of that precipitation on wednesday. but higher elevations could be the snow level at 6,800
8:50 pm
ft.. once we get it through this system dry, warm transitioning. friday and for the weekend. that temperatures are really starting to warm back up. mark jackson 2nd quarter andrew bogut does the moses malone thing around the rim he finally tips it in on the 3rd try 3rd quarter/ 52-44 warriors david lee backs down #1 overall pick anthony davis and scores on the nice turnaround 54-44 warriors 4th quarter/ 75-65 warriors stephen curry hits the deep 29-foot 3-pointer 78-65
8:51 pm
warriors final: 93-72 warriors heat at celtics lebron and the heat in boston looking for their 23rd straight win 2nd quarter jeff green - had the game of his life - the drive, the bucket and the foul 40-24 bos green: 43 points 2nd quarter heat show how good they are - dwayne wade the steal - no look flip behind the back - then the ally oop lob to lebron for the dunk 48-37 bos lebron: 37 points, 12 assists, 7 rebs 4th quarter, tied 103-all lebron - knocks down the pull up jumper for the game winner with:10 secs left heat win 105-103 23rd straight win is 2nd longest in nba history heat improve to 52-14 stanford women cheer getting #1 seed the stanford women are a #1
8:52 pm
seed for the 10th time under tara vanderveer. it's their 26th consecutive ncaa tournament bid here are the details hp floor conversion take a look at hp pavilion - with the sharks on the road through next wednesday the floor is being converted for the ncaa baseketball tournament - with games beginning this thursday the cal bears among the teams playing at hp, along
8:53 pm
with oregon, new mexico st., syracuse oklahoma state, montana and st. louis montgomery on matchup- ncaa men cal vs. unlv- >> they are excited about the match up. somewhat familiar from the standpoint of what we're up against. they are a very talented an explosive team. we had an injury last time we played against them so they still beat us. we have our work cut out for us. >> and take a lookncaa men st.mary's mid tenn-ss
8:54 pm
------------------------ i just received a phone call ernie talking about jason kid...i know he went to st joe's i did misspeak but thank you my memory >> catherine: and i think
8:55 pm
you are amazing. and he remembers. and let us take a quick break. and tiger woods is in love.
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it is hockey time. they are in anaheim tiger woods and lindsay vonn cheesy studio photos officially revealing they are dating
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she is a champion skier. it looks like they got a 9 $9 special at the photo booth at the mall a $99 special-- ♪
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